Is it secure?

Security is of key importance in the Government Gateway. We provide security through:

- secure connections

- encryption

- use of digital certificates

- user IDs

In order to comply with best practice in terms of security compliance, the Government Gateway has a requirement for browsers to connect securely which means that some older browsers may no longer be able to connect. If you experience any problems entering the Government Gateway site, it is possible the version of your browser is not up to date. If this is the case, please upgrade your browser and retry.

Secure connection

The Government Gateway is a secure site. All information that you send and receive is transmitted through a 128-bit Secure Socket Layer connection (SSL). SSL creates a secure link between your browser and our server. You will always know when you are using a secure connection because a padlock icon is displayed on the status bar of your browser. SSL also encrypts data and guarantees that it is not altered between your computer and our server.


All information that you send and receive through the Government Gateway is encrypted to the highest industry standards.

Digital certificates

A digital certificate is required for many government transactions.

A certificate is a piece of encrypted software that confirms your identity and establishes your authority (or 'credential') to perform a particular task. You can register with the Government Gateway using your certificate. Certificates provide very high levels of security.

User ID Authentication

Some government services do not require the level of security provided by digital certificates as the information involved in them is less sensitive. If you only want to use this type of service, you can register with a User ID (supplied by the Government Gateway) and a password (chosen by you).