More about registration

This page:

- gives a brief summary of the registration process

- explains whether to register as an individual, organisation, or agent

- explains whether to register with a certificate or User ID

Summary of the registration process

To register with the Government Gateway and begin using online government services, you need to:

- Register with the Government Gateway

- Enrol for government services

- Receive your User ID online and Activation code (if required) through the post (Please note: some services, including those operated by HMRC, do not offer this facility for User IDs)

- Activate the service

Once the service has been activated, you are set up ready to submit forms over the internet.

Registering as an Individual, Organisation or Agent

Register as an 'Individual' if you want to make personal transactions.

Register as an 'Organisation' if you represent a business (including employers, sole traders and farms) or charity, or other commercial or non-commercial organisation. If you register as an organisation, your registration only enables you to make transactions on behalf of that organisation. If you want to make personal transactions, you will also need to register as an individual. You will use a different certificate or User ID for your personal transactions.

If you are a farmer, or are registering to send forms on behalf of a farmer, please see

Register as an 'Agent' if you submit forms to the government on behalf of other organisations or individuals. Before you register as an Agent in the Government Gateway, you will need an Agent Identifier (Agent ID), issued by the government department(s) that handle the service(s) you are enrolling as an Agent for. An Agent may be an organisation (for example, a firm of accountants, or a payroll bureau) or an individual (for example, someone who completes a tax return on behalf of a disabled relative).

Note: If your organisation wants to use government services on its own behalf, as well as working on behalf of its clients, you will also need to register as an organisation.

Registering with a certificate or a User ID

There are two ways of registering: with a certificate or with a User ID and password. The method will depend on the government service(s) you want to use. Certificates provide a higher level of security, which is required for certain services. For other services, you can use a User ID and password. If you are registering with a certificate, you will need to have one before you begin the registration process.

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