Which government services are available online?

You can already enrol for these services through the Government Gateway. The government organisations that handle these services provide online forms, and information about appropriate software packages, on their websites.

The government services available online through the Government Gateway are:

Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council

  • Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council Citizen Account - a service for all individuals, businesses and organisations that deal with the Council. The Citizen Account collates information for each of the Council services that you interact with and presents it to you with the convenience of only requiring one user account to access each of these individual services.
    Registration can only be performed from the Blaenau Gwent CBC website.

Carlisle City Council

  • Council Tax - for e-citizens to directly manage their council tax accounts on-line.
  • Other E-enabled services - for e-citizens to directly apply and track other services online.

Delegated Examiner Test Notification (DSA-DE_TSTNOT)

  • Delegated Examiner Test Notification - For use by Delegated Examiners registered with the DSA for the notification of forthcoming tests.

Delegated Examiner Test Notification (external link)

Driver CPC Periodic Training Recording (CPC-PRDTRNG)

  • Driver CPC Periodic Training Recording - For use by JAUPT approved training bodies for the entry of a driver's completed approved periodic training course.

Driver CPC Periodic Training Recording (external link)

Department of Agriculture and Rural Development for Northern Ireland (DARDNI)

  • DARD OnLine Services - For use by DARD(NI) customers (predominantly farmers and rural dwellers) wishing to take advantage of those DARD services available online.
  • SAPS Sheep Annual Premium Scheme application - for farmers to submit their annual applications.

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)

  • Animal Movements Licensing System (AMLS) - currently only available for use by Local Authority Trading Standards Departments and the devolved administrations.
  • British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS) - Cattle Tracing System Online (CTS Online) - The CTS Online service allows you to report the births and movements of cattle online. You can also see information that we have for your holding, view any problems with this information on CTS and make corrections.
  • England Rural Development Programme (ERDP) Entry-Level Stewardship (ELS) - for farmers, land managers and their agents who complete applications on their behalf.
  • Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA) Online Licensing System - for Labour Providers who supply, use or sub-contract labour to the following sectors, Agriculture, Horticulture, Gathering Shellfish and Processing and packaging food, agricultural and fish produce and want to apply for a licence online.
  • Procedure for the Electronic Application for Certificates from the HMI (PEACH) - for importers, exporters and processors of whole fresh produce into and out of the EU.
  • Plant Health Service - for farmers, and agents who complete DEFRA PHS forms on behalf of farmers.
  • Seed Certification - for companies and seed testing stations
  • Sheep & Goat Ear Tag Allocation System (ETAS) - for suppliers of ear tags, boluses and pasterns to obtain unique animal identification numbers on behalf of Sheep and Goat keepers.
  • Whole Farm Approach (WFA) - The WFA is a long-term programme designed to make it easier for farmers and growers in England to deal with Defra and its partners. WFA currently provides a number of services, including SPS Online, ELS Online and the My Farm, Surveys and Assessments service through a single access point.


Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment for Northern Ireland (DETI)

  • Quarterly Employment Survey - for businesses or their agents to submit employment details over the Internet.

Department for Work & Pensions (DWP)

  • Carer's Allowance - for individuals aged 16 or over who spend at least 35 hours a week looking after someone who is getting or waiting to hear about these benefits.
  • Employer Direct Online - Employer Direct Vacancy Notification (for employers who wish to place vacancies with JobcentrePlus
  • Job Warehouse – for Job Advertisers who wish to upload their vacancies to the Jobcentre Plus Internet Job Bank.
  • State Pension Forecast - for the full working age population - 16 years of age through to 4 months and 4 days from State Pension Age – currently 60 for women and 65 for men.

Dorset County Council

  • D4U Services - access to services supplied by Dorset For You

HM Revenue & Customs

  • Alcohol & Tobacco Warehouse Declarations (ATWD) - for Excise Warehouse Keepers to submit stock declarations
  • Child Trust Fund - for CTF approved financial institutions
  • Corporation Tax Online - for Companies and Agents to submit CT returns and view liabilities and payments
  • Duty Deferment Electronic Statements - for traders with deferment approval
  • electronic Binding Tariff Information Application Form (eBTI) - for any importers, exporters and/or their representatives, who require a legally binding ruling on the Tariff Classification of their goods
  • New Community Transit System (NCTS) - a Europe wide computerised system which manages and controls Community Transit (CT) procedures
  • New Export system (NES) - for traders to submit (3rd country) Export Declarations to the CHIEF system
  • Non VAT Registered Agents Service - for agents not registered for VAT, enabling the submission of VAT returns and set up of Direct Debit instructions (for most businesses) on behalf of clients over the internet
  • PAYE Online for Employers - for Employers and Agents to submit PAYE returns & forms over the Internet, view statutory notices & reminders, and make payments
  • Rebated Oils Lookup Service - for use by traders dealing in rebated oils
  • Secure Electronic Transfer - for organisations with a need to submit or receive bulk data
  • Self Assessment Online - for Individuals and Agents to submit SA tax returns over the Internet, view statements, and make payments
  • Tax Credits Online - for individuals/families to apply for Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit, and notify changes to their circumstances. If you want to manage your tax credits online, you need to register via the link below
  • Tied Oils Lookup Service - for use by traders dealing tied oils
  • Update your VAT Registration details - for VAT registered businesses,enabling the submission of requests to update VAT Registration details over the internet
  • VAT EC Sales Lists (ECSL) - for VAT Registered Businesses making supplies of goods to VAT Registered Businesses in other EC member states
  • VAT EU Refunds - For UK and Isle Of Man Traders and their associated Agents to claim back VAT incurred in another EU Member State
  • VAT Registration - for businesses or their agents to apply for VAT registration over the Internet
  • VAT Returns - for VAT registered businesses, enabling the submission of VAT Returns and set up of Direct Debit Instructions (for most businesses) over the internet
  • VAT Reverse Charge Sales List (RCSL) - for VAT registered businesses to report information on the sale of goods which are subject to the reverse charge of VAT

Land Registers of Northern Ireland (LRNI)

  • Landweb direct - for professionals dealing in land and property in Northern Ireland to access The Land Registry and The Registry of Deeds.

RPA SPS Electronic Claim Submissions

  • RPA SPS Electronic Claim Submissions - for farmers and agents who submit electronic SPS claims for the Single Payment Scheme.

Scottish Government Rural Payments & Inspections Directorate

  • Rural Payments Online grants and subsidies forms - for farmers with farm holdings in Scotland and their authorised agents

South Kesteven District Council

  • SKDC Services - access to services supplied by South Kesteven District Council