Logging in with a User ID and password

When you register with the Government Gateway, you will be given a User ID which you will use with your password, to log in to the Government Gateway.

If you registered on behalf of your organisation, or were added as a User by someone else in your organisational group, your User ID will be sent through the post. If you were added as an Assistant, the User who added you will give you your User ID.

User IDs and Activation PINs are both made up of 12 randomly-generated characters; a combination of letters and numbers (e.g. 8CK3SA26U1G4)

Note: If you registered before 20 August 2001 your User ID will contain four letters followed by four numbers (e.g. ABCD1234). If you did not register yourself but received a 'Getting Started' letter in 2002 your User ID will contain 11 random characters, including letters and numbers.

1. Enter your User ID in the space provided. Your User ID is not case-sensitive – you can type your User ID in either lower case or capitals.

2. Below this enter your password. You chose your own password when you first registered with the Government Gateway, or when you were first added to your organisational group. If you were added to your organisational group, check with the User who added you if you are unsure of your password. If you need more help, contact the Help desk.

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